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In-person Yoga Classes in Danang

for calm minds and sexy butts

Join me and other students for our continuous yoga training in An Thuong 3, Danang. Enjoy small groups of up to 5 people in our brand-new, lovely studio in the heart of My An.

What I believe in

Strong Foundation

Learn to create a strong foundation for your practice.

Posture Alignments

Learn how to align you body while adjusting for your body type.

Proper Breathing

Learn how to synchronize your movements with your breathing.

Mindfulness Basics

Learn how to get energized before your practice and relaxed after your practice.

1-on-1 Assistance

If needed, the teacher leads the student into the right position by using word cues.

Yoga Confidence

Gain confidence to join any yoga community classes.

All members enjoy these benefits

What you get

  • In-person classes, each 60+ minutes long.
  • A yoga mat, yoga blocks and yoga straps.
  • Airconditioned room.
  • Clean environment.
  • Maximum 5 people in 1 class.

Get the strength and body you deserve

10-class Journey

  • 60-minute classes
  • Including amenities
  • Valid for 6 weeks
2.2 mil. VND

5-class Journey

  • 60-minute classes
  • Including amenities
  • Valid for 3 weeks
1.2 mil. VND

Single Class

  • 60-minute class
250k VND
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Relax & Restore

  • 60-minute yoga class
  • 60-minute Vietnamese full-body massage
630k VND

Private Classes

  • Private 1-on-1 classes
  • Or private group classes
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Your instructor

Thao Jurikova

I’m a Vietnamese yoga and movement instructor based in Europe, currently teaching in Danang, Vietnam. I’m on a mission to make movement a delightful and accessible part of as many people’s lives as possible.