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In-person Yoga Classes in Danang

for calm minds and sexy butts

Join me and other students for our continuous yoga training in An Thuong 3, Danang. Enjoy small groups of up to 5 people in our brand-new, lovely studio in the heart of My An.

Blanca Perez
Blanca Perez
Thao fue super buena para explicar su secuencia con lenguaje claro y fácil de entender. Son grupos de máximo 5 personas lo cual ayuda mucho como profesora a estar atenta a todos. Muy recomendable y me gustaría volver pronto!
Diane Orr
Diane Orr
Fantastic gentle paced yoga flows with lots of stretches. Thao speaks excellent English and explains each movement comprehensively so you're not left wondering what's going on and can concentrate on your own experience. Highly recommend for anybody at an older age like me who doesn't want anything too fast or vigorous. Thank you Thao
Benjamin Perrault
Benjamin Perrault
Thao's yoga classes are so much fun. We love getting to stretch and strengthen is a relaxed setting with a fantastic teacher. Perfect for our mixed skill levels with plenty of support and modification as needed for all levels.
Erik Hensel
Erik Hensel
Really good yoga!!
Анжелика Беляева
Анжелика Беляева
If you, like me, are not very good at sports, but really want to start, these yoga classes are a perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Thao is a very supportive thoughtful teacher who explains very clearly how to do the exercises correctly and takes into account the capabilities of all people in the group. The atmosphere in the class is very cozy, and the pace of the exercises is quite manageable (but still efficient) even for beginners.
Phương Thảo Nguyễn
Phương Thảo Nguyễn
Cô giáo siêu siêu dễ thương, rất tận tâm và chu đáo. Highly recommend!!
Milan Sillik
Milan Sillik
Great yoga in English, with a variety of styles (strong flow, gentle yoga, etc) which vary from lesson to lesson - which is ideal as you won't get bored when you buy a 10 class package. But you can also just drop in for a single class, the teacher (ask for Thao) is very easy going. The environment is laid-back with nice music in the background. Highly recommend!
long nguyễn
long nguyễn
A cozy and small studio in An Thuong. I really enjoyed the gentle morning class.
Momo Lin
Momo Lin
Me and my bf went for a beginner class in the morning, it was very relaxing and she helped us to stretch our body at the right way , really good way to start a day 🤩
Aine Murtagh
Aine Murtagh
Had a lovely practice here. The studio is beautiful and Thao is a brilliant instructor.

What I believe in

Strong Foundation

Learn to create a strong foundation for your practice.

Posture Alignments

Learn how to align you body while adjusting for your body type.

Proper Breathing

Learn how to synchronize your movements with your breathing.

Mindfulness Basics

Learn how to get energized before your practice and relaxed after your practice.

1-on-1 Assistance

If needed, the teacher leads the student into the right position by using word cues.

Yoga Confidence

Gain confidence to join any yoga community classes.

All members enjoy these benefits

What you get

  • In-person classes, each 60+ minutes long.
  • A yoga mat, yoga blocks and yoga straps.
  • Airconditioned room.
  • Clean environment.
  • Maximum 5 people in 1 class.

Get the strength and body you deserve

Single Class

  • One 60-minute class
250k VND
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5-class Package

  • Five 60-minute classes
  • Valid for 3 weeks
1.250 mil. 1.2 mil. VND

10-class Package

  • Ten 60-minute classes
  • Valid for 6 weeks
2.5 mil. 2.3 mil. VND

Private Classes

  • Private 1-on-1 classes
  • Or private group classes
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Relax & Restore

  • One 60-minute yoga class
  • One 60-minute Vietnamese full-body massage at Nón Spa
700k 600k VND
Your instructor

Thao Jurikova

I’m a Vietnamese yoga and movement instructor based in Europe, currently teaching in Danang, Vietnam. I’m on a mission to make movement a delightful and accessible part of as many people’s lives as possible.